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Keira Knightley by Ellen von Unwerth for Vogue Italia

Traces Blanches .. ☼

A little bit severe, but beautiful lipstick and blush.

If angels could fly

Cara Delevingne’s Wild Side. The best of top model Cara Delevingne’s funny faces.

Style na We Heart It.

I didn’t really mind the idea of spending the week at the beach as a girl, but I was deathly afraid that someone would discover that I was a boy. Mother was annoyed at me. She said, “I’ve bought you a whole wardrobe. You’re not backing out now, Young Lady.” Then her tone softened and she said, “Look, I promise you, Honey, know one will know you are a boy. I always said you were too pretty to be a boy. Look, I’ll show you. We won’t skimp on the mascara, and you’ll see, you will look just gorgeous.” She showed me the picture she took of me, and I had to admit, I looked pretty good.
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Vogue Paris Oct 2004 - Angela Lindvall by Mikael Jansson

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